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Acara’s Top 10 HR Blogs of 2020

In the twenty-first century, Human Resources departments have become the propelling force responsible for driving businesses forward. As companies have continued to commit extensive amounts of time, money, and resources to improve their HR departments, we’ve witnessed tremendous improvements in workplace culture, diversity & inclusion, learning & development, and more. Whether you’re a passionate HR professional seeking to fine-tune your skills or a casual business observer looking to stay in the know, check out the following list for a look at our top 10 HR blogs of 2020.

  1. HR Dive

Sitting atop our list is HR Dive, a well-respected publication in the HR content space. Its site provides in-depth journalism and reporting on the most impactful news and trends that have come to shape the world of human resources. HR Dive covers a variety of topics, including talent acquisition, diversity & inclusion, compensation, onboarding, and more.

HR Dive is operated by Industry Drive, a leading publication that influences 10+ million decision-makers across a number of different industries. Check out their content on social media:

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  1. SHRM

SHRM, or Society for Human Resource Management, strives to “create a better workplace where employers and employees thrive together.” Their global presence is hard to overlook; with 300,000+ HR and business executive members in 165 countries, SHRM impacts more than 115 million workers and families globally.

SHRM well-versed in all areas in business, with key content topics which include talent acquisition, compensation, benefits, diversity & inclusion, and labor relations. Be sure to check out SHRM’s social media pages for all their content:

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  1. Fast Company

Another well-established HR resource, Fast Company produces content that puts a creative spin on business and HR. Its goal is to inspire readers to think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business. The publication claims to be the “world’s leading business media brand” and includes an editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, creativity, and design.

While Fast Company positions itself as a progressive resource for those with an itch for innovation, the site continues to cover areas in business such as organizational culture, work life, HR technology – not to mention its exceptional collection of video content. Take a look at their strong presence on social media:

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  1. Harvard Business Review

One of the most recognizable publications in the world, the Harvard Business Review positions itself as a high-level, educational resource for business leaders. The site looks to “improve the practice of management in a changing world” in the eyes of its readers. HBR gains credibility as a member of Harvard Business Publication (HBP) and hones its focus on three key areas: academia, corporate life, and individual managers.

The site refers to its most popular content topics as leadership, strategy, team management, innovation, and work-life balance. Harvard Business Review holds a strong presence on social media, as well. Check out HBR’s content via the pages below:

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  1. HR Trend Institute

Based in the Netherlands, HR Trend Institute boasts a clear objective to proactively identify and encourage positive trends in HR and the overall business world. Its mission is to “facilitate an open community for people who are interested in HR trends” by helping organizations to “use these trends to their benefit.” Key content topics include employee experience, HR strategy, HR technology, performance management, and talent/recruitment.

As the first foreign/European resource on our list, HR Trend Institute has gained global credibility in the eyes of business leaders around the world. Another source for great video content, HR Trend Institute deploys an in-depth news page to capture all kinds of breaking business news. Learn more about the publication and its content via social media:

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  1. Workology

Considered by many to be one of the premier HR and workforce industry resources, Workology may be the most unique resource on our list. The publication positions itself as more of a learning outlet and a source for disruptive leaders to grow. Workology is “focused on the art and science of the workplace leaders across all experience levels” in the human resources, workplace, and recruiting industries.

The site and its wide-ranging content of blogs, videos, podcasts, and virtual events have become widely popular in recent years. The publication places much of its focus on learning and sharing insight between hosting seminars, upskilling courses, and full memberships that offer exam prep and other perks. Learn more about Workology’s position in the market through its social pages:

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  1. HRZone

HRZone promotes itself as a source for finding “advice, guidance, opinions, and up-to-date information on how the working life and responsibilities of the modern HR professional are being shaped.” An excellent resource for any HR professional, the publication places a heightened focus on promoting positive company cultures and encouraging workplace productivity.

While the site covers an array of HR topics, its key content section center around leadership, engagement, performance, and talent trends. Learn more about HRZone’s engaging content through social media:

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  1. Human Resources Today

Human Resources Today is another top aggregator of HR content. The site aims to bring together the best content for HR professionals from the widest variety of industry thought leaders. HRT’s collection of content – paired with its easy-to-navigate website and informative newsletters – positions itself as a leading resource for HR professionals.

Featuring plenty of video and webinar content, its major topic areas include employee engagement, talent management, and onboarding. To learn more about Human Resources Today, follow the site’s social media pages:

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  1. TalentCulture

TalentCulture is an award-winning site that provides articles and community access to HR professionals, HR tech providers, brands, and marketers. Based in Portland, Oregon, TalentCulture specializes in HR marketing empowerment and support through the utilization of industry experts to promote thought leadership content. The site features a suite of highly-informative webinars, eBooks, podcasts, and white papers, as well as a vast library of articles and stories on HR trends.

TalentCulture is unique in that the site supports other HR and marketing professionals with marketing services and brand awareness. The organization strives to help increase awareness and engagement for your company through a collection of valuable content. Find out more about TalentCulture by accessing its social media pages:

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  1. HRreview

HRreview aims to be a one-stop information resource for HR and related professionals. The site covers a wide range of areas including HR strategy and practice, recruitment, health and safety, wellbeing, reward, diversity, and training. The site, based in London, is supported by daily email newsletters that allow readers to access the latest news, analysis, opinion, and feature stories directly from their inboxes.

Although the site features a tremendous amount of content on HR law and HR analytics, HRreview still finds time to cover HR trends, diversity & inclusion, recruitment strategies, and employee wellbeing. This resource has a strong social media presence, too. Check it out for yourself:

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