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Acara’s Top 5 Blogs of 2023

With the new year right around the corner, we’re taking a look back at some of Acara’s most popular blogs over the last 12 months. Our team looks forward to serving up more great content in the new year. Recruiter and Hiring Manager Ghosting in the Hiring Process In 2023, with so much of the…

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The Power of Pay Transparency and AI in Recruiting

In an era marked by ever-increasing calls for transparency in the workplace, Ontario is taking a significant step forward with groundbreaking legislation aiming to reshape the employment landscape. The new “Working for Workers” legislation would not only require employers to disclose salary information in job postings, bringing greater clarity to job seekers, but also delves…

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The How and Why of Skills Based Hiring

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, the traditional approach of relying solely on degrees and experience to evaluate job candidates is undergoing a significant transformation. Skills-based hiring, an emerging trend in the recruitment landscape, emphasizes an individual’s demonstrated abilities more than their formal qualifications. Here, we’ll explore the shift towards skills-based hiring, examine the…

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5 Tips for Success When Recruiting for a Leadership Position   Feature

In a standard job search, it is critically important for companies to discover talent that aligns with a specific role and can handle the various responsibilities that come with it. But when recruiting a leadership candidate, there is much greater significance placed on finding right-fit candidates. When recruiting for these high-impact roles, the stakes are…

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Hiring and Managing Gen Z in the Workplace E Book

With more Generation Z (Gen Z) members entering the workforce each year, businesses are noticing a shift in what members of this age group want from their employers compared to previous generations. It’s predicted that “Gen Z will transform and disrupt the workplace more than any generation,” states Mark Beal, an assistant professor of professional…

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The ghosting of candidates by hiring managers and recruiters has become all too familiar in today’s virtual world of talent acquisition and recruiting. Gone are the days of formal rejection letters, emails, and phone calls. Ghosting occurs when a recruiter or hiring manager stops responding to email messages, fails to appear for an interview, or…

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Five Recruitment Success Strategies

Recruitment is the top priority of 46 percent of HR leaders. A top performer in her field, with over seven years in the industry, Stephanie Amos—Senior Recruitment Specialist at Acara Solutions—attributes her success to her ability to establish trusting partnerships with clients locally and nationwide. She holds herself accountable for being engaged and present throughout…

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Eight Recruiting and Staffing Industry Strategies for 2023

As the economy wavers and talent attraction remains an issue, organizations face numerous challenges in 2023. These include: Increased competition for top talent in certain industries making it more challenging for companies to find the best candidates for their open positions. The ongoing economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic is causing many companies to be…

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Since its inception, higher education has been crucial in shaping individuals, fostering critical thinking, and contributing to societal progress. The history of higher education in the United States dates back to 1636 and is marked by a continuous evolution and adaptation to societal needs, changing knowledge landscapes, and advancements in teaching and learning methods. There…

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Pay transparency

Pay Transparency on Job Postings

By Earl K. Cantwell, III, Esq., CIPP/US

In the past, discussing salary at the office and in social settings was considered taboo. However, organizations now realize that today’s workers expect salary information to be easily accessible. Pay transparency is growing in popularity and is now a legal requirement in several states. What is pay transparency? Pay transparency is the degree to which…

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