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7 Jobs That Will Rise with the Machines

We’ve all seen or heard pop culture references about artificial intelligence (AI). You know the drill: Man builds robot; robot comes to life; robot betrays man. This is the stuff of science fiction, of course. Or is it? Like it or not, AI is making the move from our bookshelves to our businesses.

Who among us shall thrive among our robot overlords? Here’s a quick list of jobs that will benefit from AI moving forward.


1. Builders

Carpenters and construction workers will depend on AI-powered algorithms to manage costs, scheduling, and safety. And with the Internet of Things—the continuous connection and communication among smart machinery—engineers will discover new and innovative solutions to many problems.

2. Professionals

Consider, if you will, the plight of the finance account manager, toiling about her tedious and mundane bookkeeping tasks. Slow and steady. Slow… and… steady. But with AI, she can improve her performance! Financial pros can use AI to manage accounts, handle purchase orders, and analyze financial trends more efficiently.

 3. Educators

If Netflix can recommend movies to watch, why can’t a computer suggest educational initiatives to students? Teachers can use AI to customize assignments that personalize learning, enriching the educational experience. Schools can also use data from AI to streamline orders for supplies, which can help reduce overall costs.

4. Care Providers

According to Forbes, AI can assist with robotic surgeries, provide virtual nursing assistance, diagnose ailments, administer tasks, manage workflows, and analyze images. “AI and machine learning can be transformative not only for healthcare but for every single patient.”

5. Managers/Executives

If you’re looking to make your mark on business management in the era of AI, look no further than An executive’s guide to AI. Benefits of AI in management include optimizing marketing campaigns, forecasting demand, and improving capital allocation.

6. Tech Workers

Software developers and engineers can look forward to AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning. Instead of feeding a computer a pre-set list of rules and responses, an engineer can feed “domain-specific data… into algorithms which are iteratively trained and continuously improved.”

7. Creatives

Cast your doubts into the sea and dance! Dance to the robotic, hypnotic beat of artificial intelligence. (Was that creative enough for you?) When writers, designers, and artists accept AI, they will learn that machines aren’t going to replace ideation or original thinking. Rather, AI will help creatives scale ideas, impact more consumers, and solve problems.


We hope this list is helpful to our friends in and around the job market. But how will AI have an impact on us, the fine folks in the recruitment industry? Find out how it all comes together in this brand-new infographic only from Acara.