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Digital Transformation Spurs Need for Data Scientists

How Candidates Can Secure Data Scientist and Cybersecurity Positions

Despite the unforeseen challenges that businesses have been forced to overcome over the past year, our world learned about the incredible importance of digital transformation. Organizations—both large and small—identified the pandemic and resulting market pressures as the drivers of their digital transformation efforts.

As more companies embrace this global shift, IT roles—particularly data scientists and cybersecurity experts—will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. But with a lack of talent that possesses a background in these areas of emerging technology, candidates may be difficult to find.

What can job seekers do to increase their odds of landing a data scientist or cybersecurity position? Our Acara team has the latest.

Expert Interview Tips for Job Candidates

Explore contract and gig work experience

Professional experience can be hard to come by—particularly when companies are recruiting data scientists and cybersecurity specialists. By accepting opportunities for contract or gig work, candidates can enhance their backgrounds and bolster their resumes by describing valuable projects that they worked on. Internships are also a great way to get your feet wet in the world of IT and learn more about the future of digital transformation. These experiences will be sure to impress potential employers and improve your job prospects.

Find online courses and digital certificates

Not everyone has the time—or the money—to return to college and pick up a new degree in data science and analytics. As digital educational courses have become much more prevalent due to the pandemic, candidates should explore the internet for classes that they can enroll in. In addition, there are dozens of online certifications that you can earn to enhance your resume and separate you from the rest of the pack. Take the initiative to learn how you can improve your candidacy and better your odds of landing a job in this field.

Prepare to talk about problem-solving

The demand for data scientists continues to grow by the day. Why? Because of their knack for leveraging and manipulating big data to solve complex problems. In your initial interviews, be ready to extensively articulate your problem-solving experience. Employers will want to learn about how you have previously solved intricate challenges with innovative solutions and data-driven techniques. Providing several impressive examples will give you a leg up on the competition and prove to your interviewers that you’re well-equipped for any situation that’s thrown your way.

Improve soft skills

Beyond being adept at problem-solving, organizations are seeking individuals with exceptional interpersonal skills. Can you collaborate and communicate well with others? Have you worked successfully on group projects and in team environments? Do you possess a “can-do” mentality when addressing even the toughest of challenges? All of these factors are critically important for data scientist and cybersecurity specialist positions. Remember: while data and analytics skills can always be taught, soft skills—like showing a sense of curiosity, positivity, and adaptability—can’t!

Be willing to learn

To excel in any position, candidates need to be willing to embrace the various challenges that are thrown their way. On your resume and during your interview, express your desire to learn and grow in the position. While you may not be a subject matter expert yet, you can increase your knowledge of current IT trends and cybersecurity topics by reading articles and watching videos. The more you do to study relevant information, the better you will fare in your conversations with prospective employers.


As the demand for data scientists, cybersecurity analysts, and other IT-related roles continues to increase in the years ahead, candidates can use these tips to improve their chances of landing one of these highly sought-after positions. By taking the time to hone their skills and prepare for the professional world, job seekers will experience much greater success when applying for open positions.

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