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Expert Interview Tips for Job Candidates

How Job Seekers Can Boost Their Success in Interviews

With over six decades of experience within the recruiting and talent acquisition industry, our team at Acara knows a thing or two about candidate interviews. Having conducted hundreds of interviews throughout their careers, our proven talent acquisition professionals have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly from job seekers across the country.

To help employment candidates make the most out of their interviews, we asked our recruitment experts to weigh in on the following question:

“What’s one piece of advice that you commonly share with candidates before they take part in an interview?”

Below is a compilation of their responses:


“During the interview, candidates should pay attention to the dynamic between the interviewers and/or employees of the company. This can provide insight into what it will be like to actually work there on a daily basis. Paying attention to the employee interactions and nonverbal communication that is displayed during the interview can help determine if the culture and atmosphere is one that the candidate will be happy in.”

Kayla Miller, Recruitment Specialist


“Be sure to research the individual that you’re interviewing with. See if you can discover information on how long they’ve been with their organization. For example, when it comes time for the candidate to ask questions, you can say something to the effect of, ‘I see you have been with XYZ Company for the past 5 years. Can you tell me what you personally enjoy about working here?’”

Stephanie Amos, Senior Recruitment Specialist


“During both in-person and virtual interviews, it’s always important to bring a pen and notepad to take notes. I often advise job seekers to review the company’s website and find something to talk about. Hiring managers love it when candidates take the time to do their homework on the organization and come to an interview armed with information about a product or service. Being able to bring a few talking points to the table can be the difference between landing a job and losing out on one entirely.”

Vinny Sherman, Senior Recruitment Specialist


“My most valuable piece of advice for job candidates is to first listen to the question that is being asked. Instead of responding right away, think about what is being asked of you before giving an answer. Getting the opportunity to thoroughly think through your response will help set you apart from other candidates.”

Sarah Quintieri, Employee Relations and Staffing Manager


“I’ve been providing extensive information on who my candidate will be interviewing with. Details like the interviewer’s name, position, LinkedIn account, and general information about their personality can go a long way in preparing the candidate for the interview. In my experience, this small step has made candidates far more comfortable and confident during the conversation.”

Carl Wolf, Recruitment Specialist


“During phone or videoconferencing interviews, make sure you are set up in a quiet area for the duration of your interview. Limiting all background noises will be important to maintain the flow of the interview. And remember to show enthusiasm and interest in both the position and the company. Even though the interview isn’t being conducted in person, it’s still important to show that you are passionate about the opportunity!”

Cara Sellon, Recruitment Specialist



By utilizing these interview tips, we hope to improve your odds of landing your next job. If you’re interested in being considered for new and exciting job opportunities, get in touch with our Acara recruiting team to view open positions in your area.

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