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The Future of Green Tech in America

The transition of power in the White House has spurred a newfound commitment to green tech and renewable energy in the United States. During his first days in office, President Biden took action to foster a greener and more sustainable nation. Biden arranged for America to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, halted progress on the Keystone XL pipeline, and banned new oil and gas leasing on public lands and waters. And in his bold climate vision, he laid out a long-term plan that would enable America to achieve zero-carbon electricity by 2035 and net-zero emissions by 2050.

Ambitious? Undoubtedly so. But possible? Absolutely. With support from lawmakers and government figureheads, President Biden has turned heads with his success in the early goings of his tenure. But how can he secure critical buy-in from the private sector? What must be done to further propel green tech innovations in the future?

The Future of the Workplace Under President Biden

Job creation

In the eyes of President Biden, developing the nation’s clean energy economy is contingent upon sparking job growth within the industry. As millions of Americans find themselves out of work, there exists a pressing need to provide employment opportunities to these citizens.

Some political opponents argue that by shifting occupations away from the fossil fuel industry, the President is attributing to unemployment numbers that have decimated the nation. But what these individuals fail to realize is that by focusing on the success of the renewable space, Biden isn’t killing jobs; he’s simply changing them.

The President’s vision for his Build Back Better campaign will play a key role in facilitating job creation within the United States. His call for a $7 trillion infrastructure plan rooted in environmentally-friendly initiatives would create close to 10 million clean energy jobs. This would enable America to rebuild its roads, bridges, energy grids, schools, and other infrastructural staples in a modern and sustainable way. To President Biden, the Build Back Better campaign represents a viable solution to help kickstart the American economy and propel growth within the clean energy industry.

Investment opportunity

Historically, recessions and unstable economic periods present the perfect chance for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. As President Biden’s election has created tremendous opportunities for green tech innovators, investors have noticed a growing number of entrepreneurs entering the renewable energy space.

According to Fortune, promising venture capital opportunities exist in areas such as transportation (electric vehicles), agriculture (improvements in soil and human diets), and chemical energy (development of low-cost, zero-carbon hydrogen). Upon the commercialization of these emerging technologies, expect these markets to benefit from significant contributions from outside investors.

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Corporate social responsibility

Around the world, consumers have grown hyperaware of the companies that they choose to support. Shoppers no longer desire just a quality product—they want one that aligns with their personal values. Supporting organizations that are committed to social responsibility and operational sustainability has become an increasingly prevalent trend, particularly among younger generations.

As companies have faced increasing pressures from the President, politicians, and the general public to cut down on their carbon footprints, numerous reputable brands have pledged to attain net-zero goals in the not-too-distant future. While companies like Tesla have led the charge in popularizing the rise of electric vehicles, other car manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, and General Motors have announced plans to bolster their lines of electric cars. In addition, cities around the world have started invested in electric buses, taxis, and other modes of transportation to support the push toward renewable energy. These initiatives are encouraging for the state of the green tech market—and represent a step in the right direction to preserving the health of our planet.

Working in green tech

Are you a job seeker interested in getting involved in the renewable energy space? Despite high levels of competition between candidates in the current market, President Biden’s loyalty to clean energy bodes well for the future of this industry. From manufacturing and construction to technology and innovation, green tech jobs can be found in a variety of different industries. You can browse available employment opportunities at Acara Solutions.

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Over the past several months, the United States’ devotion to renewable energy has been reinvigorated thanks to the efforts of President Biden and other influential Americans. Investments in environmentally-friendly energy alternatives will drive job growth within the clean energy space, provide U.S. citizens with millions of new employment opportunities, and help to stabilize the overall economy. With the help of green tech innovations stimulated by the private sector, our planet will be a healthier, happier, and more sustainable place for all.

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