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Case in Point: A Summary of Four Recent Case Studies

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, Acara Solutions has been working hard to implement our flexible and strategic recruiting plans for our customers. Through the careful construction of our clients’ workforces, our team has helped to boost overall productivity while generating significant cost savings. Partnering with companies across a wide range of industries, our customizable talent acquisition strategies have helped organizations in augmenting the size of their labor forces to fit their scaling needs.

Here are summaries of our most recent case studies:

Partnerships With a Purpose

To aid a multibillion-dollar Fortune 100 company in deploying more than 10,000 desktop computers across the country, Acara constructed a unique team to meet the client’s hyper-specific needs. In partnering with COLAMCO, a premier technology provider, Acara worked to staff a workforce of experienced IT employees. Currently, our partnership with COLAMCO is on pace to surpass 50,000 technology deployments nationwide.

Solving Critical Healthcare Staffing Needs

A large-scale seniors’ living facilities operator in North America approached Acara to help bolster its staff of nurses and medical professionals. Our eight-person recruiting team was asked to fill nearly 100 positions across 17 client locations. After designing a customized strategy, Acara went to work to meet the hiring needs of the client. Upon conclusion of the initiative, we screened over 720 individuals, interviewed 240 candidates, and finished with a  94-percent offer acceptance rate.

Hiring for a Fast-Moving Transportation Company

In working to assist a global rail transportation manufacturer with its hiring needs, Acara leveraged its industry expertise to discover talent in a weak market. The client requested a team of over 100 welders to support an initial ramp-up phase, while also requiring that 18-22 additional welders be onboarded per week. Acara utilized its strong relationships with local community colleges and recruited top-performing welding students to work for the client. We also partnered with an agency to employ veterans who were looking to return to the workplace. Since the program’s inception, the client has realized over $769,000 in contract and direct labor cost savings.

Solutions for Handling Higher Education Staffing Needs

As the emergence of COVID-19 forced all college instruction to shift to a virtual environment, one of the largest public community college systems in the United States tasked Acara with expediting its hiring process to quickly recruit a team of instructional designers. In working to meet extremely tight deadlines, Acara developed a comprehensive recruiting plan that would exceed the client’s hiring timeline. Upon completion of the project, our team connected with over 70 candidates and presented 20 of them to the client for review. Within one week, a team of 10 experienced, high-quality instructional designers had been hired and onboarded by the Acara team, springing into action to adjust the college’s courses to an online setting.

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