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Acara Solutions: 2020 Year in Review

Ready for a new year? Us too. Our Acara team was hard at work in 2020, so let’s take a moment to reminisce on the news, tips, trends, and resources that we’ve put together over the past year.

February: Acara CEO Scott Stenclik Named One of Buffalo’s Most Powerful Leaders

Back in February, we learned that Acara CEO Scott Stenclik had been named to the annual Buffalo Business First Power 250 List.

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March: 4 Questions You Must Answer to Retain Top Talent

Not only must companies develop a strategic approach to recruiting new candidates, but they also need to be diligent in retaining their existing employees. Take a look at these four questions to learn how organizations can prioritize a high-caliber employee experience.

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April: Prepare Yourself to Attract Top Talent After COVID-19

Future talent will inevitably quiz your organization on its response to the COVID-19 crisis. Are you prepared to respond? Check out this blog to learn how your team can prepare itself for these interview questions in the years ahead.

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May: Embrace Contract Labor

At Acara, we firmly believe that contract workers represent the future of the workplace. Learn about the many advantages to developing your contingent workforce here.

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June: Acara Named to Forbes’ List of America’s Best Professional Staffing Firms

In June, our team was honored to be recognized as part of Forbes’ 2020 list of the best professional recruiting firms in America.

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July: Case in Point: A Summary of Four Recent Case Studies

During the summer months, we published four case studies that highlighted our flexible and strategic recruiting plans. Learn how our customizable solutions helped our clients to address their most pressing workforce needs.

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August: Breeding a Successful Learning & Development (L&D) Program

Learning and development has become a critical retention strategy for organizations across the world. Discover how you can augment your L&D programs to encourage continuous growth and skill development among your employees.

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September: Building Your Talent Network for a Post-COVID-19 World

In September, we wrote about how companies need to be prepared to attract top-tier talent as the economy began to show signs of improvement. Follow these steps to ensure that your organization is well-equipped for talent acquisition success.

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October: The Upside of Converting to Contingent Labor

Although contract workers gained notoriety during the pandemic, many individuals fail to understand the purpose of a contingent workforce. Learn how a commitment to contract labor can pay dividends for your organization.

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November: Brian Christel Celebrates 30 Years at Acara Solutions

In November, we celebrated Acara President Brian Christel’s thirtieth work anniversary with our company. Talk about a milestone!

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December: The Future of the Workplace Under President-Elect Biden

The U.S. presidential election will induce significant reform to our nation’s labor laws and employment regulations. Find out how these policy changes will impact your business model.

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